Big safari operators vesus small

Botswana safari industry is a multi-million dollar busness comprising small scale,local guide run to big companies of reputable standing in many countries of southern Africa and further north.Given this array of service providers,it  is always daunting for a traveller to choose from, given the fact that the product is almost always the same;game viewing,scenery and cultural tours.

Going big always has an advantage of reliability,knowing that the comapany has all the facilities nececessary to carry out a succesfull safari tour.You just pay your money for a package tour and the rest the operator takes care of.Obviously this implies paying  quiet a lot;an average 7 to 10 day luxury safari will put you $5000 to $ 10000 per person.This is apparently meant for the rich and real wildlife lovers.

On the other hand,there are small scale ,personalized safari offers which budget traveller can opt for.Professional local guides have valuable knowledge and experience of the chosen area of visit and knowing that they directly benefit from your visit,they will offer their best services.It is also a source of satisfaction knowing that your money is spent benefiting locals directly without intermediaries and foreign agency people.Of course there is a question of quality-price which many people worry about on this option.Do not worry because all guides undergo rigorous training as required by law and are expert in their field.Most of them have worked for the big companies and understand guest expectations and all the rules pertaining to safety.Therefore there is no compromise on this issue at all.You may not stay in a luxury tented lodge as in the above.You will be mostly in tents and roughing it out sometimes,yet the fun,luxury and excitement of being on safari lies in that close contact with nature.Surely,this will not dip in your pocket as much as above figures.Remember,both sides offer the same safari product .The diference being essentially on acomodation style.Does that ring a bell?


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