Botswana safari season

October is the hottest month of the year in Botswana and also  the last month before the rains start splattering on the bone dry grass and leaves of the savanah,kickstarting the green cycle .From a wildlife viewing point of view, it is the last month to see animals coming to waterholes and permanent water points ,and therefore less chance to see them at all during your safari visit.Many recommendations are based on this weather changes factor for optimum game sightings and this also influences price diferencials for low and high season rates.

Although this as a general rule for most people planning a Botswana  safari,there are numerous exceptions to the rule that may surprise many.Botswana wild life area is huge that animal movement is difficult to trace year round and predictability becomes more of a guess work even for the expert field guides.It is actually a question based on luck and of course ,with a combination of guide knowledge and experience.With this unpredictability factor,I always wonder if one can avoid high season winter  months so cramped up with many visitors and tour companies competing for the top dollar rates.




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