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I can create the perfect itinerary for your trip – let me know your wishes and your limits and it will be my pleasure to advise you. I can also connect you with your own personal Botswana guide to plan the finer details and accompany you on your journey of a lifetime. Let’s start turning your safari dream into reality!



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Service Conditions

There is a small fee for my input and help. If I have been successful in selecting and acquiring the services of an expert local guide for you, or found you a safari vehicle,  I seek a fee of 5% of your tour cost (eg the total tour cost levied by the guide).

If you did not book a tour, but I assisted you with your travel plans, then please make a donation for my expert guidance and time. I have no set fee for sharing my knowledge – it is offered on a donation basis. So just pay what feels good! Thank you.

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