How much does a safari cost?

One of the most important considerations in your safari preparation is the spending plan – how much is it going to cost?

Through my network of expert local guides and operators I can help you find the best deal to match your budget. 

The simplest option would be to have a guide accompany your self-drive tour. This costs roughly US$80-150 per day.

Included: all driving, expert guiding, taking care of logistics (driving time, refueling, rest stops, route, etc).

Not included: you provide accommodation for guide (tent or lodge), plus meals. Obviously you make your own arrangements for a vehicle, accommodation, park fees, meals, etc.

Note: this type of arrangement is suitable for a maximum of 5 people.


A guided safari package with vehicle, equipment and meals costs between US$250-400 per person per day.

Included: 4×4 vehicle, tents, sleeping and camping equipment, park entrance fees, campsite fees, game drives, all meals. As above, the guide provides all driving, expert wildlife information, and manages logistics.

In both cases, the guide will design the itinerary in close consultation with you, specifically to suit your requirements, thus ensuring complete flexibility for your trip. To help you decide whether a guide is a worthwhile investment, see my advice here Enhance your safari experience – take a guide.

For a clearer idea of various costs, take a look at a sample pricelist from one of our local guides here SAMPLE RATES 2018.

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