About Us

The team
At Pomene, Mozambique

We are a husband-wife team who form a dynamic Afro-European partnership.
Alois has the expertise and knowledge of nearly 20 years professional experience in the field, ensuring the enjoyment and safety of international safari clients; Wendy has excellent organizational skills to manage the business.
Together we have integrated our talents and vision to bring you a capable and caring approach to safari planning.

Hi, I’m Alois, founder of Botswana Safari Planner. I’m excited to help you plan a wonderful safari trip to Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa or Mozambique. Alois_1

Born in Zimbabwe, I moved to Botswana in 1995 where I became a fully-qualified field guide, trained by the Botswana Wildlife Institute. Within a year I became a tour guide, leading my own safaris throughout Botswana and southern africa, taking on responsibility for all aspects of the tour –  driving, guiding, cooking, safety, journey logistics (route planning, rest stops, refuelling, border crossings,etc).

Having led countless tours, from exclusive mobile safaris deep in the Okavango delta to large overland group tours, I am able to share with you first-hand information about what kind of tour to choose to suit your needs, places to visit, where and when to find abundant wildlife, getting around, local cultures, practical information about routes, terrain, etc – everything you need for a successful safari adventure in Africa.

I have travelled extensively in all the major national parks of Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South africa, working directly with local tour operators and service providers. Besides English and Spanish, I speak five African languages and can therefore negotiate with local tour operators on your behalf. I am completely independent, not being tied to any tourism companies, and so I am free to pursue any operator for the best deal that matches your needs.

I offer my services to you as a knowledgable and reliable source of information: allow me to guide you in making the best choices for your safari in southern Africa.

oeb_profileHi, I’m Wendy, Business Manager at Botswana Safari Planner. Born in Scotland, I worked for 20 years as Senior Lecturer at the UNESCO Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands, teaching language and academic skills to international water professionals. Here I independently planned, managed, and co-ordinated all English support at the institute. My role was entrepreneurial and pro-active and I learned to manage and coordinate complex projects while generating confident, skilled students through collaborative learning techniques.

Visiting students who became true friends, I have travelled the world, discovering its diversity and beauty, and encountering many new cultures. So I came to be in Zimbabwe in 2011 where I had the good fortune to meet Alois, now my husband. Like him, I am passionate about caring for the environment and managing our planet responsibly. That’s why I want to share the breathtaking beauty of Botswana with as many people as possible. I believe that anyone fortunate enough to enter this awe-inspiring world and experience it close up will never want to lose it, but rather preserve it for future generations. For me, it feels like I have wandered into the Garden of Eden – an amazing natural world, so innocent and pure, untouched. It is truly humbling to realize this superb natural wonder depends on our good stewardship for its continued existence.

I became inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals for education and gender equality while at the UN. Over a million children worldwide lack basic literacy skills and over 60% of those are girls. I strongly believe that education is key in improving the prospects of young people, especially girls, but also in preventing the spread of HIV and helping to make poverty history. So in 2015 I took a sabbatical leave and travelled to southern Africa to volunteer in education projects with a strong focus on promoting the position of women in the community. I loved the reading club aimed at inspiring and educating teenage girls to strive for their best, and the workshops that created an open environment for girls to talk about self-esteem.

I am a qualified yoga and mindfulness trainer and I also offer retreats to Mozambique with safari in South Africa. CLICK HERE to go to my website Pura Vida Safari Retreats.

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