Let’s Start Planning


Let’s start planning and organizing your unforgettable Botswana safari. I can

  • Offer my experience and knowledge to help you plan a unique itinerary tailored to your specific needs and budget
  • Advise you on the best places to visit for the time of year and according to your travel plans – where can you see the most wildlife and which parks are a must-see along your route?
  • Recommend areas and habitats where you are most likely to find specific wildlife on your wish-list
  • Help you plan the logistics. Think about factors such as: how much time to allow for travel between destinations, taking into consideration terrain, road conditions, border delays, etc; wildlife viewing β€” spend an afternoon or three days; choosing the top spots where you should allocate most time
  • Connect you with an expert local guide to escort you on your journey and work out the finer details with you

Let’s get started! Send me your questions Contact

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