The trip was fantastic – your recommendations and service has been very good, we are very happy! The itinerary you recommended saved us from doing useless kilometers. Being able to live the experience of sleeping in the parks, with the animals close by has been impressive. Going alone without a lot of people and doing what we really wanted is the best. We were also very happy to be able to speak Spanish with you, the communication has been very easy. We are delighted to recommend anyone to use your services. Thanks! – Miriam, Spain

If we had known about you guys earlier, we would have contacted you before booking our places to stay. We sincerely appreciate your help and input in planning this vacation. We read about how beautiful Botswana is, but initially it seemed prohibitively expensive, but if you look a bit deeper there are decent options. And then we got your information and contacted you. I am sure a lot of families go through a similar situation like ours and possibly even give up as they do not want to take a chance with their vacation and their money. Competent individual businesses provide a unique flexible and individualized aspect which big established firms can never do. This really feels like a better way to see the beautiful ecosystems Botswana has to offer. Thanks for your guidance and time.  Dan, USA

Alois was our guide, driver, cook and friend. He is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. How he managed after hours of difficult driving, guiding, shopping and generally putting up with a group of demanding tourists speaks to his stamina and strength of character. He was always professional, friendly and never lost his cool. He met each challenge with a smile and on top of it all managed to cook some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life! Kate, Canada

Hi Alois! Yes we are finishing our Namibia-Botswana trip. The safari with Lucky went extraordinary, we were very wise to contact you and arrange his services because the roads were insane and thanks to him we saw a lot of animals that we couldnt see by ourselves. So thank you as well to make this happen! I keep your contact for the future for us and anybody who asks us. Thank you Alois! Marti Malet, Spain

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